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  • Is Conference Call Recording Always Legal?

    No Cost Conference offers free conference call recording with both our Free Conference Calling Standard and Free Conference Calling with Web Control services. Users sometimes have questions about the legality of recording their conferences. State and Federal laws have a lot to say about recordings of calls between two people. Do these laws affect conference […]

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  • Setting Up a Meaningful Corporate Earnings Call

    Keeping investors informed on a quarterly basis. For CFOs and other company managers, earnings calls are a necessary evil. But they don’t have to be the bland, scripted reading of the latest numbers. There’s a better way. And better technology to do it. Set up Free Conference Calling standard, and you’ll have a dial-in number […]

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  • Setting Up Google Hangouts Video Conference Call

    Google hangouts can be a good solution for your conference call. It’s typically good quality video and audio (if your internet connection is strong), and doesn’t require additional downloads for most users. It does, however, require: That each participant have a Gmail or other Google-enabled email address That the moderator/host know these email addresses That […]

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  • Conference Calling via Skype

    If you have Skype installed on your computer, and have an active account, you can set up a Skype conference call (Group Call). This will allow you to be the hub for a group of up to 24 other people. Adding people who already have Skype is free. To add people who aren’t on Skype, […]

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  • iPhone Conference Call Setup

    iPhone conference calls are pretty straightforward to set up, but they do have limitations. Up to five callers* can be merged into one call. If that works for your needs, check out the steps below. If you need to connect more than five people, or something easier why not choose our Free Conference Calling Standard […]

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  • We have misplaced the moderator code, what should we do now?

    Q: We have misplaced the moderator code, what should we do now? A: If you wish to retrieve your account moderator pin, please send your access code and email id for the account to us, we will send complete account details to the email id registered with us ASAP. Alternatively, start a support ticket here […]

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  • Do I use the same no-cost conference telephone number, access code and moderator code?

    Q: Do I use the same no-cost conference telephone number, access code and moderator code that was assigned to me when I signed up for ALL my calls regardless of the date/time? A: Yes all the codes as well as the dial in number remain the same for all your calls.

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  • Are no cost conference calls safe?

    Q: Are no cost conference calls safe? A: All conference calls are held in a secure environment as only people with the access code provided by the call host / moderator can be in the conference call. Our system does not record any conference calls automatically held on our system or provide any client information […]

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  • Can I Use a European Landline Number?

    Q: We use frequently a US-based dial in line for our conference. Can you dial into that conference using a European landline number? A: Sorry we do not provide a local European number, we provide only one dial-in number located in Iowa, USA. You may certainly dial into that number using country code +1, but […]

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  • I would like to download a recorded call

    Q: I love your service, but I would like to download a recorded call, and I don’t know how to login. Did I get a login when I signed up? A: Please send us your Access code and Moderator pin here, we will send you the account login details. Once you login please follow instructions […]

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