No Cost Conference is aware how important it is to have proper etiquette while attending a personal or business conference call. We’d like to offer a few suggestions, which we try to implement ourselves, while on conference calls.

The following guidelines may prove useful to you when using our, or any other, conference call services:

Inviting parties – Request for a conference call
If you are initiating the call, ask others if they have time, or will be at an appropriate place, to attend your conference call at your suggested time.

Topics during a conference call
It is best to avoid off-topic conversations, since some individuals at the conference may feel left out if you share a private joke with others. Casual initial conversation on general topics ensures that all of your colleagues are comfortable during the conference call.

Invitations for a conference call in progress
It’s best to get a positive affirmation from all others on the call before inviting others to join into the ongoing conference. This is very important while discussing sensitive business issues, as introducing a new participant may be an unwelcome surprise.

People around you during a conference call
Be considerate of people standing or sitting near you, and always try to ensure you are far enough from other people so they are not forced to listen in on your call.

Avoid shouting during a conference call
When confronted with background noise or problems with a bad connection, we tend to raise our voices without realizing, in order to be heard properly. Nowadays, most phones have very sensitive microphones capable of picking up the lowest of speech tones. Try to maintain a normal tone of voice.

Appropriate place for a conference call
Please avoid talking while driving. If it is an important business conference call, it’s certainly best to pull over and avoid disaster. The cell-savvy user would never use a mobile while driving, except if it’s “hands-free,” and they limit conversations while in traffic.

Pleasant tone and discussions
We provide conference call services to aid you in making that important business call or reaching out to your loves ones spread all over the country. We hate to hear reports of conference calls being used for firing or chastising employees, arguing with colleagues, or fighting with a spouse or family. Such matters are best discussed face-to-face, and not really meant for a conference call.

Multi-tasking during a call
We all think we are good at multitasking, and often feel we can carry on certain tasks during a conference call. But there are times when multitasking can be dangerous or even rude. Please refrain as much as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read about conference call etiquette, and we hope you enjoy our conference call services for a long time.